Program Overview

Employability Program Overview

Study Sunshine Coast (SSC) is the official study cluster for the Sunshine Coast region and is supported by foundation partners, Education Sunshine Coast and Sunshine Coast Council. SSC plays an important role in marketing and positioning the Sunshine Coast as a leading Australian study destination for both domestic and international students and the visitation they contribute to and support. Study Sunshine Coast works closely with education providers, industry and tourism operators to promote the region. Learn more about the SSC Industry Membership Program. 

SSC has recently been awarded funding by Study Queensland through the International Education and Training fund to run a 12-month Employability Program.  The program will be co-funded with SSC. 

This project, in line with the International Education and Training Strategy to Advance Queensland 2016-2026, aims to enhance the student experience to ensure it is positive and rewarding by providing students with a range of opportunities to increase their employability and successfully transition to employment either during or post study.

Research indicates that students are highly motivated by the student experience and are seeking educational and employability opportunities that provide a point of differentiation in a very competitive job market.

For students the Sunshine Coast is a naturally inspiring environment to live, learn and kick start your future. Watch the latest SSC video and learn more. 

What is Employability?

Early this year, Study Queensland released a Cookbook for Employability. The insights report highlights employability trends, provides leading employability practices and anticipates opportunities for enhancing employability in Queensland for international students.

The report finds that graduate employability is not ‘just’ about the job upon graduation. As Dr Dino Willox, Director Employability at the University of Queensland said; “Employment is not employability. Employability is a broader term for a combination of discipline specific knowledge, transferable skills, and experience and attitudes that makes you more employable.”

The report uses the following definition of employability: “Evaluating the concept of employability needs a holistic approach that takes into consideration both personal and external factors. In short, employability is more than just a job that makes good money in a students’ early career days. It is about maximizing the talents of each student and preparing students for the world that awaits them upon graduation – this is what (ideally) employability refers to.”

The report recommends the skills current students need in order to flourish in global interconnected world:

  • Leadership skills
  • Creative and analytical skills
  • Global awareness and civic education
  • Digital and technical skills
  • Interdisciplinary skills

Read more of the Study Queensland Employability Cookbook.

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