Launch U

Launch U is a talent and employability program supported by Study Queensland and the Queensland Government.

Launch U connects students, employers, and education providers through different talent and employability experiences designed to build your professional skills. When you complete the program, you will be awarded with a Launch U digital badge and micro-credential signifying you have developed the skills necessary for the future world of work. You will also be recognised as a candidate of Queensland’s best global talent.


Launch U gives you access to online and face-to-face professional experiences designed to develop your professional capabilities. You can log your own experiences or choose from the talent and employability experiences currently available in Queensland.

Capture your experiences within the Launch U Portfolio, obtain your Queensland Government backed micro-credential and launch your global career.

The Launch U Portfolio focuses on six skills areas (Emotionally aware, Digitally effective, Self-management, Collaborative, Innovative and Culturally Conscious) that will help you succeed in the future world of work. Launch U is designed to help you develop these skills and showcase your ability as an employee to future employers. Learn more and sign up now.

Current Programs

Students can now register for the next round of the Study Queensland Launch U Trade Accelerator (LTA) program. LTA is a virtual program where student teams are assigned a real-life business project focusing on a specific international market.


The student project focuses on carrying out international market research and providing recommendations on international business growth opportunities to a Queensland-based export or trade business.

How does it work?

Virtual team project experience

Students undertake an online, two-week international trade research project for a Queensland based business.

Structured learning program

Students are guided to develop and apply international trade insight and consulting skills.


Students receive feedback from experienced business professionals.

Find out more about the LTA here.