Be an early bird on the Sunshine Coast!

Living on the Sunshine Coast offers many different lifestyle options. Living on the coast mean that the ocean is never far away and you will always have access to it any time of the day and regardless of the weather.

I come from a place in Sweden where the ocean is both cold, far away and does not give the same impression as here on the Sunshine Coast. Here the ocean is much more beautiful.

For me, the ocean has a healing effect on both my physical and mental health. The sound and the smell of it makes me calm and helps with the thinking process when I have a lot going on. The ocean also brings the urge to jump in for a swim or to just have a play in it.  How nice is it to always have that in your everyday life?

My tip for really appreciating the ocean is to get up early in the morning when it’s still dark and watch the sun rise slowly over the ocean and then spread its light over the mainland.  Try to be an early bird and do it for the experience!

If being an early bird isn’t your thing, there is always a sunset to admire. Bring some friends (or just yourself), some food and have a picnic by the beach and I promise you that you will love it as much as I do!

Another aspect about the ocean is that it inspires you to exercise and be active. To go for a walk or jog by the beach is really refreshing! There is a beach walk from Point Cartwright in Mooloolaba to Cotton Tree Park in Maroochydore where you will pass three different beaches and outdoor gyms if you want to get a harder workout in during the walk. At Alexandra Headland beach you will find spots to watch surfers do their thing on early mornings and late evenings. You will be amazed how good these surfers are and how they use the ocean and the waves to their favour. Why not head to the beach right now and breathe in the power of the ocean! I know I will until it’s time to travel back home and create a new chapter in my life without the ocean being my neighbour.

Moa Trankell

Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador and student at TAFE Queensland

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