Easter at Cotton Tree

I think Easter is one of the best times of the year. Not only do you get a 4-day weekend, but it’s still warm enough to hit the beach before the cold sets in. And what better way to enjoy this public holiday than to spend time with your family at the Cotton Tree Caravan Park.

I just love waking up to the warm sunshine as I hear the sound of waves only about 100 metres from my tent. I rush to eat a quick breakfast of fruit and cereal before changing into my togs, slapping on the sunscreen, and racing my brother to the beach. First up; surfing. Or trying to surf anyway. Lots of laughing follows a few failed attempts of getting up onto the surfboard, and some helpful tips from fellow campers is appreciated.

Exhausted from the hour and a half of exercise, I retreat to the sand to soak up some sun and dry off before my lunch date with friends. Mojo’s café is only a 3-minute walk from my tent, and their smoothies and burgers are absolutely amazing!

Getting back to the tent, I run into some friends in a neighbouring tent who have brought a jet ski. We make some quick plans and next thing I know, I’m on the back of the jet ski, speeding through the water and having a blast!

After all that, I realise the sun is starting to set, and I try to figure out where the day went. Grabbing a book and a camp chair, I go sit on the beach to enjoy the last moments of the day as I watch the colours of the sky change from blue to purple and orange.

by Vinita Theron – Study Sunshine Coast Intern and Sunshine Coast local



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