Being environmentally friendly at USC!

Environmentally Friendly At USC! So we all know that the environment is a huge (and rightly so) issue for planet Earth, which is why fantastic initiatives like USC Eco have formed!

There are heaps of things you can do to have a more positive impact on the environment at USC:
1. Recycle your food scraps, etc. into the appropriate bins.
2. Walk, cycle or carpool to Uni. USC has a pretty good bicycle hub with showers, secure lock up areas and ‘fix it’ stations around the campus.
3. Don’t litter. Honestly, this is the most careless thing you can possibly do! It’s so easy to just throw your rubbish in the bin, and it keeps our beautiful campus tidy!
4. Drink from reusable water bottles. Invest in a $5 water bottle and you’ll never be thirsty again, with many water refill stations on campus (even cold water!).
5. Go and check out The Moving Feast – a university edible garden that’s right near the Tower/T Building.
6. If you’re driving around campus, slow down and look out for wildlife, particularly at dusk and dawn.


USC Eco is a socially-aware environmental group founded in 2006 by a group of passionate environmental science and sustainability students. Ten years later and a whole new bunch of students from all study areas now involved (including me!), there’s a heap of awesome and exciting initiatives happening to help promote environmental and sustainable practices at and around USC. I’m going to go ahead and say it is the most exciting new group at USC, no bias of course!

So what is USC Eco?

The Facebook group description says it better than I ever could, so here it is:

“As a group, USC ECO aims to:
1) facilitate the development of the University’s standing resolutions on policy on issues of environmental concern to students and the wider community;
2) develop, implement and encourage the use of environmental practices and policies by students and the University community;
3) provide information and encourage debate and discussion on environmental issues;
4) organise and promote participation in campaigns highlighting issues of environmental concern to students and the wider community; and
5) have fun!”

Some of the group’s past achievements include a presentation at the Woodford Fold Festival as panelists with The Climate Conversation, a walk from Sunshine Beach to Kings Beach for the Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s Relay for Climate Change, and a successful campaign for the phasing out of bottled water on campus (you read it right, USC’s water refill campaign was initiated by one of us!).

What’s coming up for USC Eco?

Well, we’re doing a lot of brain storming and planning for a massive year in 2017! You can find a lot of info in the latest USC Eco Newsletter, but I’ve included the main points below anyway!

• To begin with, there is a SOCIAL HIKE to the lookouts over the Obi Obi Gorge, Narrows Gorge and Baroon Pocket Dam on the 22nd of October (a Saturday). This will be a great opportunity to make some friends, have some fun and explore more of the Sunny Coast.

• We’re planning the screening of one of the many awesome environmental awareness documentaries (personally, I’m hoping for ‘Before the Flood’ which is produced in collaboration with the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio!).

• We’re going to be at the next USC Market Day – so be sure to spot us near the Brasserie and come and have a chat!

• We’re trying to get a carpooling service at USC. It’s already been a success at other unis around Australia like UNSW, La Trobe and Curtin Uni, and we think USC staff and students deserve one too! A carpooling service would SAVE YOU money, time and help reduce the detrimental effects of everyone driving a car! Be sure to sign the petition here.




Found out more on the USC Eco website!

So why should I join USC Eco?

Groups like USC Eco are the driving force behind the protection of Earth. At the rate we’re going, it’s a scientific fact: we can’t sustain the lives we live on Earth – so why not be a part of the change? All you need is some passion to help spread awareness! Join USC Eco here.

If you’re still not convinced, come say hi at the USC Market Day outside the Brasserie on October 18th (Tuesday) to ask any questions!

“The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Scaling to 46 years, humans have been here 4 hours, the industrial revolution began 1 minute ago, and in that time we’ve destroyed more than half the world’s forests.”

by Elsie Ley – Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador


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