Good things come to those who bait!

Have you ever gone fishing before? Oh, If you have, I know you are addicted to do already. If you have not, don’t be afraid to start fishing. It is just simple, easy, and fun. Here, Sunshine Coast has the most beautiful endless beach and shore area. That’s why you can experience different kinds of water leisure. I am pretty sure going fishing is one of the most interesting leisure you may love.

charlie fishing

I was lucky to have one of my friends, Noah, from Sydney who had some fishing experiences and he told me the way to go fishing. I could buy my rod from K-mart in Sunshine plaza that has a huge wide range of fishing tackle. Noah already  had other equipment like hooks, sinker, and line. So, all I needed was just a $15 fishing rod! It was totally misunderstanding that fishing is a luxury sports with fancy boat and lush gears. It’s good enough to enjoy the thrill of catching fish without the hassle of expensive or complicated kit.

charlie friend fishing

After I bought some banana prawns for the bait, I headed for the perfect spot with my friends. For the beginner without a boat, fishing at the jetty is more safe and easy. Among a number of jetties on the Sunshine Coast, I would like to recommend you the jetty near Mooloolaba Marina at Parkyn Parade because it is my favourite. I couldn’t stop casting and although I had been waiting for hours the fish started biting. Each nibble at the rod was accompanied by a frisson of anticipation. The first time I had a fish on my line, my heart was pounding so hard I could hear it in my ears. Finally I caught a nice and beautiful yellow fin bream. I couldn’t believe I caught the fish with inexpensive tackle. How awesome it was! Why don’t you try today? Good things come to those who bait!

by Jinwoong (Charlie) Kim – Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador


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