Volunteering at the Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games

Studying events and tourism has given me some amazing opportunities, however working on the Australasian Police and Emergency Services Games was by far one of the most incredible experiences that my class and myself got to experience. Although the Games commenced on the 8th of October and went until the 15th we were working from the very beginning helping every aspect of the games get underway. We were split into groups and each of us had different roles. I was lucky enough to get put into a group of 4 and we would be working with the marketing and accreditation.

For weeks leading up to the games we worked as a team to make sure everything would go according to the plan. Finally, the 8th of October arrived and it was all systems go. The opening ceremony was huge and would involve sky divers, pipe bands and competitors from all over Australia, New Zealand, Papa New Guinea and much more. It was an early start for all of the volunteers with accreditation kicking off as soon as the day started. Getting to meet people from all different types of Emergency Services was an incredible opportunity for all of the event students and was a great way to start the event off.

As the week went on over 20 sports were played throughout different venues all along the Sunshine Coast. This gave all everyone a great opportunity to go to the different venues, meet different people and see all of the sports being played. Friendly rivalries were welcomed and at the end of some sports an invitational challenge was played against countries or states. At the end of each night entertainment was offered and live music, this gave the games a fantastic atmosphere and brought everyone together.

Working on marketing and accreditation was an incredible opportunity as it allowed me to work with systems I’ve never experienced before. It also allowed me to try new things and feel more confident when dealing with customers who had problems that had to be solved. Every day there were new challenges and new experiences for everyone and it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

by Aileen Moore – Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador


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