Member Application

Terms and conditions:

  • All Members need to reside within the Sunshine Coast Council local government
    area (LGA), unless otherwise identified by Study Sunshine Coast as being of
    regional significance.
  • Members providing international education must be CRICOS registered.
  • Members are committed to working in collaboration and partnership with
    Study Sunshine Coast to drive maximum outcomes from membership.
  • FY19/20 Membership commences 1st July 2019 to 30th June 2020.
  • Members must complete an online application form
  • Study Sunshine Coast reserves the right to:
    • Accept or decline any application for membership at its discretion
    • Cancel benefits to any member who does not demonstrate a commitment to
      the objectives and functions of Study Sunshine Coast
    • Allocate at its discretion, a category of membership; alter any terms, conditions
      and rates of membership at any time during the period of membership.