Huyen Vo

University of the Sunshine Coast

Course: Master of Social Work

Hometown: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Describe yourself in 25 words or less:

I would describe myself as being friendly, outgoing person, who is curious in new things and love to meet new people.

Why did you choose to study on the Sunshine Coast?

The tuition fee for university is much cheaper than institutions in other capital cities, the weather is pleasing throughout the year and there is a rich multi-cultural community in the town.

What do you love about studying on the Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast is the destination of the education and wellbeing for the student. The city has picturesque landscape, plenty of beautiful beaches, wonderful hinterland and heaps of local festivals and events. It is not only a place for academic learning but also for nature and culture exploration.

What do you love most about your educational institution?

My program has developed a project called “Peer Support Group” for International students, where we could help each other, not only for assessments but also for social lives. Our lecturers and tutors are extremely supportive and understanding.

Name your favourite spot to visit on the Sunshine Coast and why?

Mooloolaba Beach because it has plenty of shops and restaurant in there, with the best view for picnic and relaxing.

Do you have any advice to other students thinking of studying on the Sunshine Coast?

If you’re tired of hustle and bustle cities, skyscrapers and traffic jams, Sunshine Coast is definitely the place to explore and thrill to.

What do you want to do when you complete your study (career aspirations)?

I want to become a social worker to maintain social justice for everyone, to empower vulnerable people and assist them to explore their potentials, their strengths.

If you could be one Australian animal what would it be and why?

Koala because they are incredibly calm and chilled animal!!!

Do you have a favourite saying / phrase that motivates you to study / succeed in life?

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish" - Steve Jobs.

Why did you choose to become a Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador?

I would like to be a Study Sunshine Coast Ambassador to ensure other people not miss the great opportunity to explore the lovely place like Sunshine Coast. I am an international student so I understand how confusing to decide a place to study from another country, how unfamiliar to start the journey in a new place with a second language. I believe with my experience and information, people could have better visions of how wonderful the living and studying in Sunshine Coast is.

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