Vanessa Arieno

University of the Sunshine Coast

Course: Bachelor of Communications

Hometown: New York, USA

Describe yourself in 25 words or less:

I am a free spirit / donut enthusiast who loves food, movies, music and animals who particularly pays attention to the small things in life. I took the opportunity to move from the United States to come and study on the Sunshine Coast to discover and explore more of Australia and enjoy some warmer weather in my life. I love taking a break from my studies and enjoy the natural, fresh and coastal air within safe and friendly surrounds. I find my tutors at the University of the Sunshine Coast very helpful in supporting me to achieve my goals and provide great connections for my future. On completion of her studies Vanessa plans to become a travel writer / journalist in a big city or working for a music company. She has already learnt by travelling to Australia’s Sunshine Coast that there is so much one person can accomplish in this world. I chose to become a Study Sunshine Coast Ambassador because I was a student blogger for my university back in the States, Niagra University, and I love writing about my new university. My favourite place to visit on the Sunshine Coast is Ocean Street, Maroochydore with its variety of cafes, bars, restaurants and clothing shops – ‘from live music to herbal drinks to a yummy pastry, it’s the perfect place to visit for a few hours with some great people or by yourself.

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