2020 RoboRave Australia announced

The hub of robotics teachers at RoboCoast are excited to announce that all challenges are finalised for next year’s RoboRave Australia, International Open, Robotics Competition to be held at the University of the Sunshine Coast Stadium. 

If you haven’t seen this competition format before, there is a range of fun challenges that you can compete in with any robotics kit, platform or microprocessor.  Organisers have included a Lego-only Sumo division and have designed a MegaBot Challenge for teams with larger robotics kits going unused in the first half of the year.

Participants can enter in age ranges from Primary school to University students and adults.  Due to significant national, state and local government funding as well as industry sponsors, organisers are pleased to offer team entry at $50.00 per challenge.  Thanks in particular to SCRIPT and MTA for their large contributions. Registrations are organised through the RoboRave International website.

This event is a unique opportunity for teams to compete alongside their international peers and potentially travel to Japan in July 2020 for the RoboRave Global Championships.  Organisers have confirmed there is already inbound international teams booking flights and accommodation on the Sunshine Coast. If you wish to organise travel please contact Zoe Sparks to book your team in, as needed.  Entries will close as each division fills up, there is an insured capacity of 1500 participants.  The annual RoboCoast Sumo Competition will be absorbed into the sumo challenges in this event.

If there are groups of schools interested in having a RoboCoast member deliver an introductory workshop (including substantial freebies), organisers are looking for key schools to help roll out the RoboRave program in Australia and New Zealand.  Organisers are also seeking over 100 volunteers to help administer this landmark event for the region.

For more information you can contact the RoboCoast organising body.


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