Study Sunshine Coast Welcomes New Student Ambassadors

We welcome a new group of energetic Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassadors! The local and international students hale from the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Canada and the USA!

A little bit about each Ambassador:

Vanessa Arieno, from New York, USA is studying a Bachelor of Communications at USC. She is a free spirit/donut enthusiast who loves food, movies, music, animals and pays attention to the small things in life. Vanessa chose to become a Study Sunshine Coast Ambassador because she is student blogger for her university back home, Niagra University and loves writing about her new live on the Sunshine Coast!

Caleb Hermann, from Sunshine Coast, Australia is studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at USC. Most times you’ll find Caleb training in the swimming pool and being active on the Australia. Caleb possesses much local knowledge about the Sunshine Coast and in his role as an Ambassador he plans to pass this on the current and future students to show them why the Sunshine Coast is an amazing place to live and study.

Erica Marr, from Toronto, Canada is studying Graphic Design at TAFE East Coast Queensland. Erica loves active living on the Sunshine Coast, whether it be surfing, hiking or just relaxing on the Coast’s amazing beaches. As a Study Sunshine Coast Ambassador Erica plans to give back to the community and spread the word as to how great it is to study on the Sunshine Coast, without having to shovel snow to get to her car each morning!

Albert Scott, from Sunshine Coast, Australia is studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at USC. After travelling the world a couple of times, Albert still can’t believe how lucky he is to live in such an amazing place filled with such natural beauty. With travelling the world and having many international friends he understands what the needs of international students and how to best engage with them to showcase the Sunshine Coast as the best place in Australia to come study.

Cullin Brown, from North Carolina, USA is studying International Business at USC. In first few months on the Sunshine Coast he has explored most of our amazing beaches, travelled to Brisbane and discovered many of our restaurants and even went to Fraser Island. Cullin likes being busy and making a difference whether it is volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or visiting Haiti to do service work. As a Study Sunshine Coast Ambassador he will excite others to visit the Sunshine Coast like he has done.

Emily Chester, from Sunshine Coast, Australia is studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science at USC. After grade 12 Emily moved to study in Brisbane and then took time to travel to Europe for a year. After her travels she needed to move back to the Sunshine Coast for the lifestyle it offers. Emily loves the Sunshine Coast for the surf and chill lifestyle. As a confident and socially active Person, Emily will be a vibrant Ambassador to promote the Sunshine Coast to the world.

Isabelle Lewis, from Gympie, Australia is Studying a Bachelor of Communications at USC. Upon finishing School Isabelle moved to Brisbane to work for a legal firm, but quickly realised she wanted a different lifestyle and made the move to the Sunshine Coast. Isabelle loves the relaxed atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast and the beautiful beaches, cute and quirky cafes and the affordability of living. As a student Ambassador Isabelle looks forward to posting on social media about her adventures of studying, living, working and playing on the Sunshine Coast.

You will see the Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassadors out and about promoting the Sunshine Coast as the perfect place to Study, Live, Work & Play!

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