Sue Arnold

CQUniversity - Noosa

Course: Bachelor of Social Work (Honors)

Hometown: Tewantin, Australia

Describe yourself in 25 words or less:

I am a mature age student that loves the outdoors, sports activities and meeting new people. I enjoy volunteering and have a great passion for helping others.

Why did you choose to study on the Sunshine Coast?

I chose to study on the Sunshine Coast as I love the weather, the beaches and many beautiful places to visit.

What do you love about studying on the Sunshine Coast?

I love studying on the Sunshine Coast as there is a wide range of opportunities that are available to me whilst studying in my choice of field. Also, being able to interact with many the many different cultures that are here on the coast.

What do you love most about your educational institution?

CQUniversity Noosa is a small campus with a small ratio of students to lecturers. By having this opportunity to have smaller classes it helps me to get to know my lecturers and fellow students in a more personal way. CQUniversity Noosa staff endeavour to make everyone feel welcome and it is not unusual to see the Head of the Campus enjoying a chat in the Student Common room with students.

Name your favourite spot to visit on the Sunshine Coast and why?

My favourite spot on the Sunshine Coast is Maleny. I enjoy the serenity of the rainforests and the beautiful waterfalls that you can swim in.

Do you have any advice to other students thinking of studying on the Sunshine Coast?

My advice to other students that are thinking about studying on the Sunshine Coast is, where else could you find a greater place to be able to study that has the best beaches to visit. The employment opportunities that are available here especially with the new hospital that has been opened with the state of the art equipment available.

What do you want to do when you complete your study (career aspirations)?

When my study is complete in I would like work in the hospital sector with families, helping them get through times that can be stressful.

If you could be one Australian animal what would it be and why?

The Australian animal I would be is a kookaburra. The reason being is that I would be able to sit up in trees and look down and everybody and everything and be able to laugh. I enjoy being happy and laughing.

Do you have a favourite saying / phrase that motivates you to study / succeed in life?

“The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down“ – Stephen Richards

Why did you choose to become a Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador?

I chose to become a Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador because I love the Sunshine Coast and want to promote how it is such a great region to study and live in. To show other mature age students that you can study in this great place and have the lifestyle you want.

Is there anything else we need to know about you?

I am a mother of 4 adult children. 2 of which are studying on the Sunshine Coast. I am a current Student Mentor Leader and a Student Ambassador at CQUniversity. I am a First Aid Officer at my local rugby league club and volunteer at the Mooloolaba Triathlon, Noosa Triathlon, and other sporting events.

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