About the Sunshine Coast

With a great range of study and career opportunities, an entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem, a thriving job market, endless coastline and hinterland, a welcoming community, the Sunshine Coast is a place where you will feel safe and happy from the moment you arrive. The Sunshine Coast is home to an amazing and unforgettable study experience.

Situated in one of the fastest growing areas of Australia, the Sunshine Coast is an exciting and progressive region for students to live, learn and kick start their future. With today’s population of around 330,000 people, the area is forecast to grow to 500,000 by 2032.

The Sunshine Coast has an end-to-end education solution for every need. The Sunshine Coast welcomes local, national and international students to experience the diverse range of education and training options and move easily between various levels of study and institutions. Over 80 private, Catholic and government schools allow the Sunshine Coast to engage and nurture your educational journey from school through to lifelong learning.

The nationally awarded University of Sunshine Coast (USC) is one of Australia’s fastest growing universities and more than 400 training organisations, including TAFE Queensland’s three locations, provide you with outstanding study options and exciting career opportunities.

The Sunshine Coast is also home to amazing beaches, hiking, water sports, local produce, mountains, rainforests and world class events, from relaxation to adventure, Australia’s Sunshine Coast has it all.

If you’re looking for fun on, in and under the water you’re sure to find it on the Sunshine Coast’s 100 kilometres (just over 60 miles) of pristine sandy beaches. Swim, sail, surf, jet ski, snorkel, paddle board or water ski through clear clean water or fly across the waves on a kiteboard. Ancient volcanic peaks, peaceful rainforests, awe inspiring waterfalls and crystal clear creeks invite you to explore and recharge in a natural wonderland where camping is offered in several of the region’s parks and forests.

The sunny sub-tropical climate is ideal for year-round activity with summer temperatures averaging 28 degrees C (82 degrees F) and winter.

Mayor’s Message

Our Sunshine Coast offers students world-leading opportunities with a strong, growing economy, outstanding global connectivity and cutting-edge facilities that inspire learning today and create leaders for tomorrow. Our region is increasingly a magnet for big thinkers, emerging leaders and inspirational global talent.

The Sunshine Coast has become a place where students from around the world come to study, collaborate and connect. Our region is also home to some of Queensland’s highest performing schools, two nationally awarded universities, highly regarded English language colleges and more than 400 registered training organisations.

The Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s largest regional economies, with its continuing growth trajectory underpinned by a clear 20-year economic plan that leverages transformational capital and infrastructure investment to encourages growth in seven high-value industries that will provide a platform for enduring employment opportunities. Central to this vision is strengthening the ongoing investment and focus on talent and skills to provide the workforce pipeline that

the region’s rapidly growing economy requires. The education and training industry alone, contributes more than $1 billion to our local economy each year and employs over 13,000 people.

The Sunshine Coast is also a Key Delivery Partner in staging the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The world is coming to our Sunshine Coast and the Games provide a platform for an extensive legacy plan for 10 years before and 10 years after the events are held in 2032. The significant advantageous impact the Brisbane 2032 Games will have on our community will be unprecedented and we will need the next rising stars across many industries to be an integral part of this exciting phase of our region’s growth.

Study Sunshine Coast plays an important role in positioning the region as a leading Australian study destination. Sunshine Coast Council is proud to have been involved from the outset, working closely with education providers and institutions to ensure the initiative remains relevant, exciting, informative and adds value to the industry.

The Study Sunshine Coast Industry Membership Program enables Study Sunshine Coast
and its partners to showcase our region to the world, by strengthening the promotion of the local education offer nationally and internationally; facilitating partnership and collaboration opportunities; enhancing the student experience; and leveraging additional funding opportunities through Study Queensland and other agencies.

I encourage you to consider becoming a member of the Study Sunshine Coast Industry Membership Program and our Council looks forward to working collaboratively to showcase the region as a naturally inspiring environment for students to live, learn, work, innovate and kick start their futures!


Minister’s Message

As the Minister responsible for International Education and Training in Queensland, I am pleased to support Study Sunshine Coast in its ongoing work to showcase the Sunshine Coast as a celebrated education and training destination.

Now more than ever, Study Sunshine Coast plays a critical role in destination promotion, delivering initiatives to enhance the student experience, and fostering collaboration between the education, training and tourism sectors and the local innovation ecosystem. As Minister for Tourism Industry Development and Innovation and Minister for Sport, I strongly support and encourage collaboration between these related sectors to promote the region.

The Sunshine Coast region is one of Queensland’s most desirable locations, offering students a naturally inspiring environment to live, learn and kickstart their future. It boasts top-ranking universities and more than 80 public and private schools, vocational education and training, and English-language providers, offering students outstanding study options and exciting career opportunities.

The region has a unique entrepreneurial ecosystem, including educational programs, business incubators, co-working spaces, advocacy events and meetups, which actively support and encourage innovation, new ideas and start-ups.

Further strengthening this are a number of world-class training facilities such as the Sunshine Coast Health Institute, the USC High Performance Sports Academy and Sunshine Coast University Hospital. All are expected to flourish with the news that the Sunshine Coast will be one of the host regions for the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

With a progressive local government focused on economic growth, the delivery of game-changing projects (including the Sunshine Coast international airport expansion, international broadband submarine cable and the new Maroochydore central business district), I believe the future is bright for the region. I urge you to get involved.


Minister for Tourism Industry Development and Innovation and Minister for Sport

One of Australia’s Fastest Growing Cities

Situated in one of the fastest growing areas of Australia, the Sunshine Coast is an exciting and progressive region for students to live, learn and kick start their future.

With a progressive local government that is focused on economic growth and development, now is the time for students to consider studying here.

Major infrastructure projects are underway to position the Sunshine Coast as a major centre for high value, higher paying employment in health and educational services, professional services, innovation, research and international tourism. Today’s population of around 330,000 people is forecast to grow to 500,000 by 2032.