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In the second instalment of employability tips and advice from Sunshine Coast students, we catch up with USC Nursing student Jade Chen. Jade shares with us some of her key learnings over her time living, working and studying on the Sunshine Coast. Jade recently participated in the free Study Sunshine Coast Student Employability Program and graduated from the Project Global Citizen Scholarship program.

SSC Team –    How long have you been studying and living on the Sunshine Coast?
JC –                 I have been studying and living on the Sunshine Coast for a year, since July 2019.

SSC Team –    What are you studying on the Sunshine Coast and where?
JC –                 I am a Bachelor of Nursing student at USC.

SSC Team –    To help other students prepare for their employment search, is there any CV or LinkedIn tips you can provide that helped you with your employment success?
JC –                 My CV tips is to personalise it and ensure it is professional in layout and wording.  Remember to share what kind of a person you are in the top summary section and list what jobs you’ve done including showcasing your skill set and your achievements. My LinkedIn tips is to take a nice professional photo to boost your confidence ?

SSC Team –    What is the biggest piece of advice you’d share with a fellow international student looking for work on the Sunshine Coast?
JC –                 As an international student, I tried to match my skill sets with the requirements of the job ads. If you are looking for part-time work while you are studying my advice would be to take the first job no matter what it is. As when you get a job, it will be easier to get a second job or a better one.

SSC Team –    What has been your biggest learning searching for work on the Sunshine Coast?
JC –                 My biggest learning is to enjoy your day and stay positive.

SSC Team –   Did you access any career resources at your university to assist with your job search?
JC –                 Yes! I participated in almost all of the employability sessions at USC.

SSC Team –    Any other tips you can provide to inspire and encourage fellow international students on their job search?
JC –                 Keep searching, applying, and improve your CV and cover letter!

SSC Team –    What is the job you secured – title and organisation
JC –                 Assistant in Nursing, Sundale

Additional tips from Jade:
The Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen program was a big plus to my job seeking experience. It made me realise my cultural competence and improve my communication skills. I now feel comfortable and confident to express myself.

I will keep sharing my experience and hope it can help more international students to navigate their way of success.

Learn more about the Study Sunshine Coast Free Student Employability Program here.

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