The Juggling Act of Student Life

Finding the right balance between study, work and social life is sometimes a difficult balance to find. Whether it be school, part time or full time study, we always have to ensure we put aside enough time to study, do assignments and attend classes or lectures. Everyone will have their own motivation for study, for example doing something you love at university will be a motivator in itself. Getting a good OP (Queensland high school education score) at school to enable you to get into a course will also be another motivator for some. I find that my motivation is doing well in my course as I am passionate about what I am studying, therefore I find it easier to ensure I get all of my necessary work done. I believe it is important to ensure you put time aside to study, whether that be in a diary or just your phone calendar.

Everyone loves having money so therefore working is a necessity for most. Although we would all love to make the most amount of money possible, this isn’t very realistic whilst studying as we want a good life balance. I find working hours work differently for everyone but it’s important that you figure out your study first before giving your employer the hours you wish to have, to ensure you don’t work too much. And remember at the beginning of the semester you may think you’re not working enough and have too much free time but by the middle to end of the semester you may want to do less hours as these times can be very busy and stressful.

This is where social life comes into the picture. We all need down time, relaxation time and time spent with our friends. It’s so important to be able to just wind down, let your hair down and enjoy yourself with your friends. I personally aim to do this quite a bit even if it’s only an hour or so coffee date with a friend, don’t lose your friends over being busy and not having a good balance. Friends are so important and they are the ones who are there for you in the best but also the worst of times. So ensure you also set aside times in your calendar or diary to catch up with friends!

Most importantly don’t forget to smile and enjoy life!

by Nadija Hawthorne – Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador


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