Renting on the Sunshine coast is cheaper!!

Massive rental prices differences between the Sunshine Coast and Sydney/Melbourne!

If you are trying to decide where to study, then you should be factoring in your living costs.  One of your main expenses will be the rent you pay.  Below are some statistics regarding rental prices on the Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.  These prices are based on the April to June 2016 quarter:

Area 2 bedroom unit 3 bedroom house
Sunshine Coast $340 per week $440 per week
Brisbane $380 per week $480 per week
Sydney $520 per week $600 per week
Melbourne $450 per week $595 per week

The above prices are general and will fluctuate depending on the actual location of the property; whether it’s furnished or unfurnished and the age/condition of the property.  Extensive research is strongly recommended and remember there are a number of other costs that a tenant will need to pay for prior to moving into a rental property.

Further renting tips are available at or you can call Yasna Hawthorne of LJ Hooker Mooloolaba 0418 544 406.

by Yasna Hawthorne (LJ Hooker Mooloolaba)

L J Hooker Mooloolaba

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