Student life on the Sunshine Coast

This photo represents my life here as an International student in Australia.  Learning is just a second takeaway in studying here, because the main benefit really is EXPERIENCING. I got to do a lot of things I didn’t expect I could do. I experienced making friends, a whole lot of them in different nationalities, personalities, and beliefs (given that I am an introvert)!  and experienced their cultures as well. I experienced meeting the Mayor of the Sunshine Coast, and got to be interviewed by the local news, and was seen by my colleagues at work through joining the Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador Program.

I experienced the culture of the Sunshine Coast, and realised, I found home here. And most of all, I got to share these experiences with my friends and family, especially with my son who really enjoys his holiday here on the Sunshine Coast.

My journey here as a student never ends, it only begins every single day.

EXPERIENCING is all that matters in the end, through it, you LEARN and when you learn, you LIVE.


Jean Martha Degollacian

Study Sunshine Coast Student Ambassador

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