The best of both worlds…

Colombian digital influencer and Study Queensland International Ambassador, Juliana Medina from Aca en Australia provides her top tips below for international students and why they should choose the Sunshine Coast to study!

Name –Juliana Medina
Instagram – @acaenaustralia
Study Institution – Australian Catholic University (ACU)
– Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing)

Most surprising thing you have discovered about the Sunshine Coast?

The most surprising thing I have learnt about the Sunshine Coast is that you can experience both the beach and hinterland in one place…the best of both worlds!

Top travel tip for the Sunshine Coast

Face your fears and try a surfing lesson! It’s so much fun!

If you could choose – Beach or Hinterland?

I’d definitely choose the beach!

Experience at the top of your Sunshine Coast ‘to do’ list?

I’d love to return one day soon to stay overnight in the Sunshine Coast hinterland to experience everything thus region has to offer. I’d also love to ride a horse on one of the stunning beaches!

Best reasons to choose the Sunshine Coast as a destination to study?

The Sunshine Coast is a nice and quite area but still lots of fun with plenty of activities, from nice places to eat to activities such as surfing lessons, climbing mountains and visiting the small villages in the hinterland. This region is also set to grow in the future which will provide more opportunities for international students.

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