Catchy rhyme released to promote disaster preparedness

Talented Year 5 students from St Joseph’s Primary School Nambour have put their own funky twist on disaster messaging for Sunshine Coast Council’s annual Get Ready Week campaign.

Their colourful rap calls on locals to prepare for a disaster, by asking ‘When mother nature hits, will you know what to do?’ and ‘So get ready Sunshine Coast, make a plan to show that you know when to stay and you know when to go’.

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson said he hoped the creative tune would help inspire residents of all ages to take action this Get Ready Queensland Week (October 10 – 16).

“The message is clear, we know that disaster can strike anytime, anywhere and it’s not a matter of if, but when,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“We all have a role to play and being prepared is everyone’s responsibility.

“The Get Ready rap reminds us in an engaging way, of both the many different types of disasters and the importance of having a plan.

“It also prompts us to make sure we know our neighbours and to encourage them to get disaster ready.”

Mayor Jamieson said the rap would be played on Channel 7, MixFm and council’s social media channels throughout October.

“I congratulate our creative students for winning our 2021 Get Ready Sunshine Coast competition and working with our disaster management team to create such a stand-out production,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Their fun but important message will now reach thousands of locals and hopefully motivate them to make what could be life saving plans in the event of a disaster.”

Teacher Brett Strathearn said the winning Year 5 team from St Joseph’s Primary School included Monique Kropp, Adelaide Shaw, Lily Bermingham, Digby Dell and William McWha.

“The students poured their heart and soul into creating the Get Ready rap and our entire community is so proud of their achievement,” Mr Strathearn said.

“Not only have they had the opportunity to showcase their ingenuity but they have discovered so much about preparing for disasters.

“I have no doubt this project has started many important conversations with their friends and family, spreading the preparedness message even further.

“It shows even our youngest community members can play a significant role in getting ready for the next big storm, bushfire, flood or other disaster.”


What to include in your Emergency Kit
If you are unable to leave your home for an extended period, your emergency kit will equip your household for up to three days of isolation.
• Fresh water
• Non-perishable food
• First aid kit
• Portable radio and torch with spare batteries
• Sturdy gloves
• Essential medication and prescriptions
• Mobile phone, charger and a power bank
• Important documents in sealed bags
• Cash
• Baby formula and nappies
• Toiletries.

What to include in your Evacuation Kit
An evacuation kit is for times during an emergency where it becomes unsafe for your household to stay at home and should contain only essential items for each household member that they can easily and quickly ‘grab and go’.
• Blanket
• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Warm clothes
• Kid’s toys/entertainment
• Valuables and mementos
• Essential medication and prescriptions
• Mobile phone, charger and a power bank
• Important documents and cash
• Disinfectant wipes
• Baby formula and nappies
• Toiletries including tissues, hand sanitiser and face masks.

For more information please visit and council’s award-winning Disaster Hub website – – to find the latest updates, practical resources and what to do before, during and after an emergency.

You can also sign up to our Coast Alert notification service by downloading the Sunshine Coast Council app on your smart device.

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