Congratulations PGC Graduates!

Study Sunshine Coast recently celebrated its Semester 2, 2021 Project Global Citizen scholars at an online Graduation Ceremony last week. Students from USC, TAFE Queensland and Mindroom Innovation graduated from the 8-week cultural competency accelerator program that radically improves students’ cultural competency skills for studying, living and working across cultures as a truly global citizen.

Over the past two years Study Sunshine Coast as part of our Student Employability Program has offered over 100 fully funded scholarships to local students to complete the cultural intelligence course. At the completion of the program, each student has received a micro-credential as recognition of the outcomes they have achieved.

The PGC program is designed to help students develop and evolve their 21st century employability skills and cultural intelligence skills. Key learning outcomes Project Global Citizen Graduates have achieved include:

  • Understand what parts of their own behaviour are influenced by their own unique cultural background. Scholars can pivot that understanding out to understand others unlike themselves, reflecting on how the other persons’ unique set of cultural circumstances influence their behaviours.
  • Instead of thinking “What were they thinking?” Project Global Citizen graduates ask “Why are they thinking that?” This is a much more constructive outlook and one that enables scholars to pitch themselves as a value add to any organisation instead of being viewed as a challenge to address/ problem to solve.
  • Project Global Citizen L1 graduates understand that there are nine cultural dimensions that every culture share. They have a clear understanding of how a particular position on any dimension can influence behaviour both positively and negatively.
  • Project Global Citizen graduates have developed practical strategies for working with people from opposite ends of the scales. By learning how to use the cultural dimensions Project Global Citizen graduates are prepared and equipped to begin working with people from any country.

Study Sunshine Coast Strategic Projects and Engagement Director Marina Murray said the program has delivered over and above positive outcomes for students again this year. “We are so inspired by the scholar’s dedication and commitment to the program, while also juggling their studies and other life commitments.

“We hope all the scholars feel extremely proud of their achievements as Study Sunshine Coast does of them. The students are an absolute credit to themselves, their families and their institutions and now have a competitive advantage as they look to step into their careers with confidence, wherever they are in the world,” Murray said.

“We are delighted to announce we are running another Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen Program starting in March 2022. We encourage all SC students to apply for these limited fully subsidised scholarships before they are taken.”

PROGRAM STARTING MARCH 2022. Scholarship applications are now open for Sunshine Coast students to register for the Semester 1, 2022 Project Global Citizen cross cultural competency accelerator program. Improve your employability and career skills no matter where in the world you want to work. The program is highly sought after by students who earn a micro credential upon graduating the course. “Developing cultural competency has taught me better networking skills across different sectors and in diverse environments,” Amanda from Australia.2021 Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen Graduate

“The best part of this experience was hearing all of the different cultural perspectives and understanding cultural mindsets of different nationalities in general.” Nathan from USA.2021 Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen Graduate

The Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen program was a big plus to my job seeking experience. It made me realise my cultural competence and improve my communication skills,” Jade Chen from China. 2020 Study Sunshine Coast Project Global Citizen Graduate

Scholarship applications are now open for Sunshine Coast students to apply for the Semester 1 2022 Project Global Citizen Scholarship Program (PGC).

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