Iconic Aussie animals to help combat adolescent mental health

Study Sunshine Coast Industry Member, AusID Global, has recently partnered with AusIDentities and launched a new initiative to help combat adolescent mental health.

AusIDentities, the Sunshine Coast’s highly successful education and leadership program is throwing
its weight behind mental health by launching their brand-new campaign `Toolkit for Life (Your
Mentor in Your Pocket)’ which provides regular free coping tips, a quiz and additional support
through the AusIDentities app ‘Who’s Who in the Zoo’. It is available for children and young adults to
teach them how to self-manage their mental, emotional and physical states.

According to Michael White, CEO of AusIDentities, the campaign is a door to open up a conversation
about how young people think and feel about themselves, which often involves personal issues.
“Unfortunately, especially right now with the fallout of Covid-19, the under 25s are the most at risk
as they don’t have the coping strategies to deal with what is going on and often lack a suitable
framework (previous challenges in their lives) to compare things to. That’s when it occurred to me
that we could offer these young people our support in some way”, said Mr White.

As a well-known author and speaker on the topic of personality, Mr White created AusIDentities
during his time running workshops for disengaged high-school students, seeing the need in these
young adults to learn important life skills through a different model. According to Mr White,
personality profiling allows students of all ages to develop greater awareness about their inner
strengths, values and core needs to ultimately help improve the quality of their emerging lives.
“By creating better opportunities to understand ourselves as well as others, we are able to
communicate better and can better appreciate different points of view, laying the foundation for
more harmonious relationships and better-informed choices” said Mr White.

AusIDentities has been delivering workshops for over 15 years, including in over 350 Australian
schools, to promote emotional and mental wellbeing. The AusIDentities system is a colourful and
innovative alternative to personality tests such as Myers-Briggs or DISC but with a uniquely
Australian twist to make it more appealing to students and educators across Australia by using iconic
Australian animals that people can easily identify with.

Also, working closely with the company’s newest international branch AusID Global, our team have
been developing the Aussie Zoo Crew app along with other social media content and online quizzes
that help teach self-awareness and coping skills to different age groups. AusID Global is a specialised
program for International students with a focus on academic excellence and cultural integration.

Students can freely access the company’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages, and Snapchat is
currently under construction. They are also able to access ‘Mentoring with Michael’ every Monday,
along with other valuable content like the free online quiz to identify which animal personality group
they belong to. The animals allow for easy identification and tailored advice for each personality
type, and if the students would like to get further involved in the program, the app is available for
download as a one-off purchase from both from the App Store and Google Play.

“We’re putting years of educational experience into this new venture. We’re simply wanting to help
students thrive and teachers to foster better relationships. Our new online series is free and without
obligation or expectation of anything in return. We do not collect data, or upsell the program, but
we do want people to know they are stronger, more resilient, and more capable than they might
currently believe” said Debbie Marshall, Marketing Director for AusIDentities and AusID Global.

Below find the ‘Tips for Types’ for each iconic Aussie animal and to learn more about the full `Toolkit for Life (Your Mentor in Your Pocket)’ program visit the AusID Global facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ausidglobal/.

  • Wombat
  • Dolphin
  • Kangaroo

  • Eagle


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