Latest information for students regarding COVID-19

Global outbreaks of novel coronavirus (hereafter COVID-19) in 2020 are severely upsetting many students’ lives and disrupting the operations of organisations across the world. Many Queensland businesses and their overseas partners continue to feel the impacts. Study Sunshine Coast and Study Queensland would like to express sympathy and support for those who have been affected by COVID-19.

Your health and wellbeing

We understand this has been a challenging time, especially for students whose plans have been disrupted, and many with family or friends who have been impacted by COVID-19.

We encourage you to seek help if you are feeling uneasy or have concerns. Seeking help will not affect your enrolment or your visa.

Mental health support

Headspace is creating a free area on their app called ‘Weathering the Storm’ with access to meditation, sleep, and movement exercises.

  • Headspace | Free Support for 12 – 25 Year olds
  • Beyond Blue | National Help Lines and Websites
  • Beyond Blue | Mental Health During the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • 1800 QSTUDY (1800 778 839) | Advice on student services

We also encourage you to check your Overseas Student Health Cover to see what you are covered for in the context of COVID-19.


Study Queensland Student Support


Queensland will continue to support students through online appointments and telephone support with our statewide student hotline 1800QSTUDY remaining open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Student wellbeing is our priority and we encourage students to contact 1800QSTUDY or their local student hub for questions or support regarding accommodation, employability, English language, study issues or mental health support.


Useful links

Australian Government | Up to Date Coronavirus Health Alert

Australian Government | Latest Prime Minister Media Releases

Department of Health | COVID-19 Resources

Home Affairs | Information for Student Visa Holders

Department of Education Skills and Employment | FAQs for International Students

Fair Work Ombudsman | Information on your work rights

Study in Australia | Latest Information for Students and Agents

Insider Guides | COVID-19 Resource Hub

1800 QSTUDY | Advice on available support services for students


During these challenging times, we are stronger when we are united. To show solidarity, we encourage everyone to share messages of support using the hashtag #InThisTogether


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