Project Global Citizen Program oversubscribed

Study Sunshine Coast has been inundated with student applications to receive fully subsidised scholarships into the Semester 1, Project Global Citizen Program (PGC). This is a prestigious program and one that greatly develops and enhances participants cultural competency skills. Study Sunshine Coast Strategic Projects, Partnerships and Marketing Director, Marina Murray said, we have been absolutely blown away by the interest in this Semester’s program by local and international students.

“With domestic and international borders back open from January this year we have seen the return of offshore international students back to the Sunshine Coast. We are thrilled to have a number of these students receive fully subsidised scholarships into the 8 week cultural competency accelerator program. They join local and domestic students in the Project Global Citizen program,” Murray said.

Over 35 students will participate in the PGC program kicking off next Tuesday 8th March with a three hour interactive workshop. In this workshop students will hear from past PGC scholars on the positive impact the program has had on their employment opportunities as well as enhanced their overall life and wellbeing.

Murray said over the 8-week course we empower students with practical cross-cultural skills in relation to your academic, social and safety situation. “The program creates an understanding of culturally-influenced expectations (the “unwritten rules”) of employers and how to bridge the gaps that could limit students ability to survive and thrive on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the 8-week program, we empower students with practical cross-cultural skills in relation to your academic, social and safety situation,” Murray said.

For students who missed out on this Semester’s intake, they can register here on the waitlist for future programs.

Project Global Citizen is Australia’s first professional development program that focuses exclusively on leveraging culture to optimise your experience in studying, living and working as a truly global citizen.

Project Global Citizen graduates are certified with a micro credential they can use in their CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

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