Student Support

The Australian state of Queensland prides itself on being a supportive, friendly and welcoming place for students. Tens of thousands of international students call Queensland their second home. We want to ensure students are supported and have a safe and happy experience when they choose to live in Queensland. Through the Queensland Student Hub Network, students can access a range of support services including free resources and information, workshops and events, 24-hour phone support and access to student support officers. Students can currently talk to a student support officer over the phone via 0413 187 831.

Students requiring support can also call the 1800QSTUDY  (1800 778 839) hotline is a phone service dedicated to helping international students. Some of the areas they can help you with include:

  • Accommodation
  • Public transport and travel
  • Employment
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Legal
  • Complaints

If you need help with English, a translation service is available – just ask when you call 1800QSTUDY  (1800 778 839).

1800QSTUDY  (1800 778 839) is not an emergency service number. In an emergency, please dial Triple Zero (000) and ask for police, fire, or ambulance. 

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