Study Sunshine Coast welcomes new Ambassadors

Congratulations to the students who were recently appointed as Study Sunshine Coast student Ambassadors. The six students from both UniSC and TAFE Queensland join an elite student cohort group who have held this position in the past.

Study Sunshine Coast Director, Tracey Coobula said we are absolutely thrilled with the next round of students who are our official Ambassadors for the region. “We had a great response from students applying for these coveted Ambassador volunteer roles. We have a mix of students from different countries including Germany, Japan, England, China and Sweden,” Coobula said.

“The Ambassador’s play a crucial role in helping Study Sunshine Coast promote the region as a premier destination to live, learn and kick start your future.

“The students will share their real-life stories as a student living and studying on the Sunshine Coast their home country networks, friends and colleagues, encouraging others to consider the region as a preferred study destination.”

Study Sunshine Coast celebrated the appointment of the new Ambassadors at a welcome breakfast in Cotton Tree this week. The Ambassadors had the opportunity to meet with their fellow ambassadors and also learn more about their role and responsibilities.

Ambassador Elin Hellstroem from Sweden said she has had such a positive experience here on the Sunshine Coast both studying, living and working. “Sunshine Coast is a great place for studying. The tutors at UniSC are amazing and I find that the campus is very inspiring with many great locations to sit down and study. It is also very easy to meet other students through the many events that are happening around the coast where everyone is welcome, both on campus and outside!”

Hellstroem said the best part of studying, living and working here on the Sunshine Coast is that the outdoors can be such a big part of daily life here. “I can be at work or at uni all day and still head to the beach for an afternoon swim afterwards since everything is relatively close. It is quite different to what I am used to after growing up in a big city and I really appreciate the relaxed lifestyle that Sunshine Coast has to offer.”

James Li from China shared the best part of studying, living and working here on the Sunshine Coast is learning with students who are from diverse backgrounds, embracing cultural diversity as well as the beautiful natural environment.  “I live surrounded by a great number of amazing beaches on the coast. In a friendly and positive working atmosphere, everyone helps each other to achieve the same organisation goal.”

Li also shared he has had a positive experience finding employment. “There are plenty of job opportunities here on the Sunshine Coast, if people are going to apply for a job and work hard, they will highly likely get employed.”

Congratulations to our Student Ambassadors:

  • Lisa Kumazaki from Japan studying at UniSC
  • Sam Foot from England studying at TAFE Queensland
  • Koshi Tachieda from Japan studying at UniSC
  • Elin Hellstroem from Sweden studying at UniSC
  • James Li from China studying at UniSC
  • Johannes Gronimus from Germany studying at UniSC

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