The USC Counselling and Wellbeing Clinic

The USC Counselling and Wellbeing clinic opening in February 2020 will provide a no-charge service for the community and real world experiences for counselling interns as part of the nationally accredited counselling programs. The therapeutic service is provided by final year counselling interns, who are trained and closely supervised in providing person-centred, strengths-based wellbeing and counselling sessions. Appointments for the clinic’s services are available now.

What does the USC Counselling and Wellbeing Clinic offer?

USC Counselling and Wellbeing Clinic interns will work from a broad scope of platforms, using a range of counselling approaches and modalities in their work with clients, based on their training, including:

• Couples and family counselling
• Expressive arts therapies
• Humanistic-experiential therapies
• Integrative/pluralistic counselling
• Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
• Motivational interviewing
• Person-centred counselling
• Solution-focused therapy
• Cognitive therapy
• Narrative therapy
• Positive psychology

Our interns are trained to provide interventions in the interests of client safety and effective treatment outcomes. They work with a wide range of clients, including:
• people in relationships,
• families and groups.

Children and young people may be seen jointly with their parents, carers or guardians, or on their own, according to the agreement formed between the intern, client, and responsible guardian. The counselling program provides clinical supervision to all students undertaking a placement. Weekly supervision is provided in the counselling placement corequisite course Counselling Development and Supervision.

Our counselling interns are here to support you

The clinic’s focus is the delivery of person centred, strengths-based counselling. As a person-centred organisation we tailor our therapeutic approach as much as possible to the needs of the individual with whom we are working. We recognise that the relationships we build within counselling are a significant component of success and, as such we work strongly towards building collaborative outcome informed relationships. Sessions are provided to individuals, couples and families experiencing a range of issues and concerns that might include:
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Stress
• Life transitions and adjustments
• Relationship issues
• Grief and bereavement
• Parenting
• Anger management
• Alcohol and drug misuse Counselling aligns with the model of recovery oriented practice as a process and as an outcome to promote hope, wellbeing, self-determination, and active participation in life for people living with mental illness.

Interns may work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and will be aware of the importance of understanding and working within their clients’ worldview, and of seeking advice from cultural consultants. Interns may also work with clients who identify as LGBTIQ+ and their families, using a person centred approach. Cultural competence and multicultural practice are key skill sets interns will be further developing while working at the clinic.


How to make an appointment

Appointments are available from  9am–3pm, Tuesday to Thursday.  Contact the clinic reception during office hours on 0458 811 220 and ask for a counselling appointment. Alternatively you can email us with your contact details and a staff member will contact you for an intake interview. All clinical services of the USC Counselling and Wellbeing Clinic are offered  free of charge.





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